Family-Owned Business in Familiar Hands

Bergquist, Inc., the industry leader in wholesale propane equipment, has announced that Bob and Linda Barry are now the owners of the company after they recently purchased the remaining shares from previous majority shareholders, Larry and Joyce Hinkley.

The Barrys have been partial owners of the company since 1995 and can be largely credited with the company’s success the past 22 years. The Hinkleys purchased KA Bergquist, Inc. from Jack Miller in 1986. That year, the Hinkleys hired their son-in-law, Bob Barry, to be the controller for the company. Barry continued his work with the company for a decade, learning the ins and outs of the industry and furthering Bergquist’s commitment to quality and customer service.

The Barrys purchased 49% of the company upon Larry’s retirement in 1995. Since then, Bergquist has increased its overall distribution center space from 30,000 square feet in Toledo, Ohio and Bowling Green, KY. to over 75,000 square feet at the two locations. The company has had to expand to effectively meet amplified demand from customers.

“We are so grateful to Larry and Joyce for working alongside us throughout the years,” said Bob. “It has been a positive work environment and their leadership has shaped what the company is today. We plan to continue the momentum Bergquist has built over the last three decades and remain committed to quality products and customer service.”

In addition to increased distribution center space, Bergquist has added three sales call centers since 1995 in Crawfordsville, Ind., North Kansas City, Miss. and Shakopee, Minn.

“Bob and Linda have the experience, passion and necessary skills to lead this company to continued growth and success,” said Larry. “It has been great working with them and sharing in Bergquist’s achievements over the last 30 years. We are eager to see where they take the company in the future.”