Marshall Excelsior (MEC) has been a progressive manufacturer of competitively priced, top quality LPG & NH3 equipment. Offering a full range of products that support the LPG & NH3 bulk plant, transport, delivery / dispensing, and domestic tank applications. As their product line grows, MEC strives to continually improve product functionality while taking the industry standards to a higher level of quality and performance without adding excessive cost. While following along this path, their engineering staff exercises a heavy reliance on the input from our customers throughout any new product design phase. It has been through these theories and approaches that MEC has been able to carve out its niche in an industry where safety and performance must work hand-in-hand.

"Our goal is to create the safest equipment solutions to everyday operations while allowing the largest amount of product to be transferred, dispensed, or otherwise used, resulting in an overall savings to our customer."