L.B. White Construction Heaters

L.B. White offers a complete line of heaters designed specifically for construction use. Whatever your construction heating needs, L.B. White has the right heater for you. Only L.B.White offers you a complete line of portable forced air, convection, portable unit and circulating heaters to choose from. And all of the portable heater lines are available in a variety of heat outputs and gas types to deliver the heat you need, when and where you need it.

L.B. White Agricultural Heaters

L. B. White offers you the broadest array of agricultural heaters in the industry, so you can select the heating products that best meet your needs. Whether you're looking for forced air heaters or radiant brooders, L.B. White has the heater for you. They offer you a full line of Hot Surface Ignition and Pilot Light Heaters, as well as Infraconic Brooders. With heat outputs ranging from 15,000 to 325,000 Btuh on the Hot Surface and Pilot Light Heaters, and the Infraconic Brooders are available in 17,100 and 34,200 Btuh outputs. All heaters are available in propane or natural gas models.