Products Provide Revolutionary New Way to Construct Transport Piping Systems

Bergquist, Inc., the leader in wholesale propane equipment distribution, has announced that they will be unveiling Excela-Flange™ Bobtail products from Marshall Excelsior Company (MEC) at the 2016 NPGA Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo in Nashville (Booth 1327). The new line of Excela-Flange™ products provide a revolutionary new way to construct transport piping systems that outperform traditional alternative products in every way imaginable.

Excela-Flange™ is a comprehensive system of truck and plant valves that incorporate a 4 bolt flange on the inlet, the outlet or both of the most commonly used MEC tank and piping valve configurations. One of the highlights of the system is that each valve is universal for piping sizes from 1-1/4” to 2” all in one for both threaded and socket weld connection points, decreasing assembly and maintenance time.

“Companies are always looking for a more efficient way to conduct business with less hassle and upkeep,” said J. Sells, Manager of OEM Products for Bergquist. “This new family of flanged products from MEC will provide an easier to maintain transport piping systems for our customers, which reduces loading and delivery time throughout the work day.”

Customers who use the Excela-Flange™ Bobtail products will notice that transports will load faster, deliver faster, last longer and be far easier to maintain throughout the life of the trailer. The universal design of the flanged products reduces potential leak points throughout the system. Also, in utilizing this system, users will notice many benefits, including carrying less SKU’s, increasing flexibility and flow, creating union joints at all flange joints and lowering overall system maintenance costs.

MEC has been a progressive manufacturer of top quality LPG and NH3 equipment – leading the industry in innovation and low emission products for over 30 years. Bergquist is a primary supplier of MEC propane equipment and accessories here in the United States.