Bergquist, Inc. Partners with Silicon Controls to Improve Delivery via Gaslog Telemetry

Bergquist Responds to Market Demand with Development of New Sales Position

Technology continues to make life more convenient throughout the world. That’s certainly evident in the propane industry, where the advent of technology has made the delivery of propane safer and more efficient – technology innovations like Gaslog Remote Cellular Tank Monitors from Silicon Controls. To accommodate the availability of industry-changing technology while supporting its customers, Bergquist, Inc. has added a new member to its team, Mike Vigliotti, to serve as Tank Monitor Sales Specialist. In this role, Vigliotti will provide service and training for the Gaslog monitors.

Gaslog telemetry monitors levels and usage of gases and liquids together with field status information. It is a complete end-to-end solution that reliably delivers at lowest total cost of ownership. The remote technology allows for improved delivery efficiency, reduces run outs and out of hours drops, eliminates zero gallon deliveries and reduces driver workload.

Bergquist, the industry leader in wholesale propane equipment distribution, hired Vigliotti to specifically handle any and all requests and sales for Gaslog monitors. This is the first time Bergquist has hired a sales representative for a single product, reinforcing the impact the Gaslog monitors have had on the industry and the demand for the technology.

“Customer experience is always high on our list of priorities,” said Joe Montroy, Regional Sales Manager for Bergquist. “We want to provide the newest and best technology so our customers can optimize their business operations. Vigliotti is an invaluable asset to our team, helping our customers utilize Gaslog to reduce operating costs and manage storage inventory while eliminating the need for penalty drops and unnecessary route stops.”

Gaslog is designed to be installed and utilized by existing staff and is deployed by drivers, with no home access required and tank-level availability the same day. The technology is maintenance free and the battery life is five years or more.