Blossman Gas, specialized dealer in high-quality, gas powered appliances throughout the Southeast and Mid Atlantic for more than 60 years, has teamed up with Bergquist, Inc., the leader in wholesale propane equipment distribution, knowledge, and customer service, to execute a proprietary replenishment program. The replenishment program aims to ease the ordering process for those at Blossman and Bergquist, which in turn provides a seamless transaction for customers looking to purchase products.

In Sept. 2014, Bergquist went “live” with two Blossman locations as part of this pilot program. The idea of the replenishment program is to keep product in stock at all times so customers will never have to wait for equipment. Bergquist ships inventory to the Blossman locations where employees track daily usage. This information is stored and transmitted in a batch once a week. An invoice is automatically created once the batch is received and is used to send a monthly invoice to Blossman. As needed, Bergquist will replenish the inventory at the locations.

“This stock replenishment program is a perfect example of a customer having a need, going to a supplier with that need and the supplier doing everything in their power to meet that need,” said Randy Doyle, Chief Financial Officer of Blossman Gas. “I’m glad we’re doing this with Bergquist; they’ve done their part to develop the systems and work with our people to educate them on how it works. I know the program is out of the box, requires new thinking, investment and sweat, but it makes great sense for both companies.”

Thus far, according to Doyle, managers at the locations have spoken favorably about the process, how it works and how it has made life for those specific branches easier and better. By this time next year, Blossman hopes to have the program fully integrated throughout the entire company. It has been a long process, having been in the works since the spring of 2014, but Doyle is certain that it will be worthwhile for the company and will deliver the benefits they have been looking for.

“Bergquist has a nose for quality,” explained Doyle. “They exhibit good characteristics in a superior way including integrity, competent people, quality, timely response and innovation. On top of that, they are willing to work with you on a solution that they do very well. From my experience, Bergquist does every little thing well; that’s just how they work and that’s what they do.

Through active involvement in the propane industry through the National Propane Gas Association and similar organizations, Bergquist continues to set the industry standard for product safety, reliability and customer satisfaction. Visit Bergquist at Booth 502 at the 2015 NPGA Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo in Atlanta this April.