Filling a Forklift Has Never Been So Easy

Bergquist, Inc., the leader in wholesale propane equipment distribution, has announced that they will be unveiling the SNAP-FILL propane filling valve from the Cavagna Group at the 2015 NPGA Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo in Atlanta (Booth 502). The new European connection valve is a groundbreaking accessory that is designed specifically for forklifts and riding mowers, providing yet another propane accessory to help maximize simplicity and safety.

Rather than Acme threads, SNAP-FILL utilizes the same connection as other Euro-style snap-on fittings, further supporting Bergquist’s commitment to lead the Euro-connector trend making its way to the United States. This provides an ergonomically seamless connection so simple and effective that it prevents wrist injuries from repetitive use due to its design ingenuity. The quick connection also allows for a faster fill time as well as minimal product discharge at disconnect, making the entire process less cumbersome.

“Individuals are beginning to use propane for forklifts and lawn mowers more increasingly than in the past,” said Bruce Montroy, Senior Vice President of Sales for Bergquist. “The Cavagna Group’s SNAP-FILL provides a more efficient, secure connection that allows the user to fill faster, reduce their risk of injury and minimize their risk of incorrect handling. We are thrilled to be able to continually provide high quality products to our customers that promote efficiency and safety. We are confident the SNAP-FILL will be well-received at this year’s NPGA Expo and in great demand shortly thereafter.”

SNAP-FILL’s design eliminates cross-threading or partial installation and is environmentally compliant and conscious. Due to its secure connection, emissions into the atmosphere are reduced, making a safer, more pleasant experience for the filler and anyone in the vicinity.

Well-respected across the propane industry, Cavagna Group is a world leading manufacturer of equipment and components controlling compressed gases. Bergquist is a primary supplier of Cavagna Group propane equipment and accessories here in the United States.