Company Unveils the “Set it and Forget it” Dispenser

Bergquist, Inc., the leader in wholesale propane equipment distribution, is turning heads in the industry again as it introduces its D2AFF Trinity Skid Dispenser for the first time at the 2015 NPGA Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo in Atlanta (Booth 502). Exclusively for the show, Bergquist will be assembling a hybrid dispenser capable of both cylinder and Autogas filling to showcase the different options available with the product.

The dispenser features the new 1000 GWC Trinity Autogas skid tank, which has the valves mounted on the side of the tank, allowing for simpler access to fill, shut off and change (the valves). The valve placement makes the entire process less cumbersome and also includes bottom openings on the tank. As industry professionals are well aware, most tanks place the valves on the top, which makes getting to them more difficult and time consuming.

“The greatest thing about the D2AFF, aside from the ease of the side fill valves, is knowing that once it is installed you don’t have to worry about it,” said Ken Lashaway, Dispenser Assembly Specialist for Bergquist. “Bergquist has the technical staff to handle all installations for our customers. The installation for our D2AFF is easy, permanent and gives peace of mind to those using it, only requiring the user to remember to refill the tank itself.”

The D2AFF Trinity Skid Dispenser is fully piped and wired for easy site connection and has a Corken high differential turbine pump for low-maintenance operation. All three tank connections are protected with internal valves equipped with pneumatic actuators for additional safety and convenience. The integral purging system with three-way ball valve permits faster cylinder purging and low emission transfer valves are in place to minimize discharge during disconnect.

With its Diamond plate aluminum cabinet, double doors and slide back top, customers will marvel at the “set it and forget it” dispenser as it seamlessly transitions into their everyday use.