Bergquist Lending Library

The Bergquist Lending Library is part of our industry and customer support program. The items in our Library are available for testing, training, and demonstration purposes. Our Lending Library contains specialty tools and equipment that are rarely needed, but sometimes necessary. We have purchased these tools and equipment so you don’t have to – saving you from a sizeable investment on equipment with limited use.

So how does the lending library work?

Simply contact a Bergquist sales representative regarding the library item you need. The loaned item is shipped on a sales order and you are billed accordingly. When you are finished with the item, simply call Bergquist and request a Returned Goods Authorization (RGA). You are only responsible for the freight charges, and upon return in good condition your account is credited for the item.

Lending Library Item List


Installation and removal tool for MEV250 external relief valve.

To reserve call 800.537.7518

Corken Training Pumps

A variety of Corken pumps available for maintenance and repair training. Can be assembled and disassembled.

To reserve call 800.537.7518

Specialty Tools

Corken Flo-check wrench, Part #3432.

To reserve call 800.537.7518


Bergquist lends various cut-away items for instructional purposes such as: regulators, valves, cylinders and plastic pipe couplings.

To reserve call 800.537.7518


Pressure hydrometer for use in propane education. It visually demonstrates propane vaporization in a clear vessel.

To reserve call 800.537.7518

GV100S - Handheld Sample Pump

Measures the Ethyl Mercaptan odorant concentration in propane vapor.

To reserve call 800.537.7518

AT-1000 - Freeze Valve

Used for determining the water content in liquid propane.

To reserve call 800.537.7518